The Beginning

Life takes strange paths and the path, we often foresee for ourselves to follow, may not be the same as our destined trajectory. This holds good for the inception of this endeavor of us. As Industry person, we often ponder that we have crossed the hurdles of exams and cut throat competition, but with each passing day, the competition is getting tougher with more strategic studies involved than before.
And this endeavor started as an effort to boost the morale of a neighbor student who was depressed after constant rejection in exams. He was counseled for the better part of life and about future prospects. But the question remains the same, “Will I ever move out of trajectory of rejection” OR better “Will I clear the exam”. The question was tough and answer was not so simple. And it was this quest to find the answer, we have realized that there many more individuals who are marred by the same set of questions.
We are technocrats who have dealt with skilled human and programmed machines, but to deal with this quintessential issue was a problem. The problem is that mind is the most powerful machine on the planet and it is rightly defined in Gita as:
चञ्चलं हि मन: कृष्ण प्रमाथि बलवद्दृढम् |
तस्याहं निग्रहं मन्ये वायोरिव सुदुष्करम् ||

“The mind is very restless, turbulent, strong and obstinate, O Krishna. It appears to me that it is more difficult to control than the wind.”

We decided to do something. And the seed of “Simply” germinated.

The Design

During our period of exams and competition, we could easily crack the exam. And while exploring the possible success trajectory, this word ‘crack’ made us realise that every exam has a pattern. The pattern may change but there is always a pattern to ‘crack’. With a judgment of the pattern and applying a factor of safety, every exam is crack-able.
But the problem does not end here, the exam pattern for each individual is different. It is like the picture is the same for all but we all wear different glasses with different shades of colours. Now though the picture is same, it will be visualized differently by each individual. And any generalization of this pattern will hold good for only a section who shares or have a proximity to the hue with which the pattern is generalized.
Hence, the pattern has to be calibrated for each individual with an appropriate factor of safety that includes the widest band of applicants. We worked hard to design the course content to make it apt for nearly all individuals. We have worked on the psychological aspects of remembering and recalling the content for individuals. The Course contents are fit for the ones who enjoy mugging OR enjoy understanding OR mugging followed by understanding OR for self-learners OR instructor-led learners.
We have worked on the patterns of past exams and used to both imitate and/or re-create any possible pattern for that exam. We have used analytics and psychometric tools to analyse the patterns and used these tools for the creation of new patterns.
As an applicant, you will look at the exam, but as an educator we look at the exam as a pattern to decipher, crack and re-package for you.
We call it Design of the pattern.

The Structure

Apart from the Design, where we deciphered the pattern, we have structured our course content to enable learners to understand the pattern and prepare for the same. The contents, revision, practices, etc. are all there to enable the learner to understand the pattern of exam and prepare for the same.
All our contents are released on the specific day of the calendar. Thus, the learner is always oriented with the pattern and structure. The time allocation for each exam is assessed and the pace is also arranged for a different set of an individual.
We have created the following:

    Content – It has 4 part.
    Content – where the learner will get notes to read and understand. Video Lectures – where the learner will be taught about the concepts and explanation of the content will be delivered Audio Lecture – where details will be delivered for sub-conscious learning PDF – where diagrams, handwritten notes, picto-charts, etc. will be delivered for quick understanding and creating memory-pegs
    Revision – It has the same parts as in Contents. But the focus is more Audio content where the learner will memories the content studies the previous day. Practice – In this section learner can attempt the type of questions that are being asked in exams. Both objective and subjective question can be attempted in this section, as per the exam pattern. A Performance Index is generated after each test and this performance index are based on the time taken to attempt the question and the toughness scale of the question. Our analytics assess the performance index of the learner and provides additional supports wherever required. The Practice has two patterns, (i) to enable the learner to understand the concepts and contents; & (ii) to prepare the learner for real-time exam.

The structure seems too obvious, but then that’s how a human mind prepares itself for the competition. It’s the learning and repetitive learning clubbed with practice and revision that can break the pattern of the exam.

The Near Perfection

No one is perfect. And nothing is complete. During the evolution of human where things are changing with the speed of light, it is hard to cover all and every aspect. However, we strive to attend the near-perfect calibration of the pattern for the exams. That is one of the reasons we focus on one exam at a time and try to attend near perfect prediction of exam pattern and therefore course & content calibration is done.
We strive hard to re-calibrate and revise our patterns and accordingly, the associated content, practices & revision modules.
With more participants, we will be able to achieve near perfection.